Credit Card Processing and Merchant Accounts from Less Charge will save you a bundle on your transaction fee for any business: restaurants, hotels, retail stores, catering, e-commerce, medical and more!
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Why Less Charge?
Lowest Rates, Most Reliable

Significant Savings, Excellent Support

LE$$ CHARGE was formed in 2005 by Mr. Marty Fine. LE$$ CHARGE has relationships with all the top processors in the payment industry, giving merchants access to the best technology at the most competitive prices.


LE$$ CHARGE believes you should do business with the ones you trust. LE$$ CHARGE will reveal true costs to their merchants, show how to read and understand a processing statement, analyze your current merchant processing statement and offer three options, all of which will benefit the merchant;

  1. We will tell you your current deal is good and congratulate you on negotiating a favorable agreement.
  2. We will let you know there is a better solution where savings can be achieved, and we will recommend you go back to your current processor with the newly recommended rates. In most cases, your current processor will lower their rates; but the question that must be asked to them, "Why haven't we been getting these rates from the start?"
  3. We will let you know that a significant savings can be achieved and offer a quick and easy solution to immediately begin utilizing LE$$ CHARGE's services.

Benefits: Support

  • Nationwide network of sales/support professionals.
  • 24 x 7 LIVE Customer Support

Benefits: Funding

  • 4 Card Brands... 1 Statement... 1 Deposit
  • Merchants will have one statement and one point of contact for all 4 major card brands (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express). This means easier and faster account reconciliation along with added savings from other statement and transaction fees.

Benefits: Reporting

  • Real Time Reporting: Merchant's Corporate Headquarters and/or each location will have access to real time reporting. Not only does this feature help management with budgeting and expense controls, it can also assist them with risk monitoring (i.e. unauthorized employee transactions).

View the following info in real time:

    • Transactions
    • Deposits
    • Statements
    • Batch Settlements
    • Tranaction Details
    • And Much More!

Benefits: Batch Recovery System

  • Batch Recovery System: Never lose a batch.
  • Scenario: Storm comes through and lightning strikes, taking out the point-of-sale system. Or, power surge and all transaction details are cleared before a batch has been done.
  • Solution: Our Batch Recovery System allows us to batch all transactions for you since we see everyting in "real-time". Therefore, never lose a batch due to system failures or outages.

Benefits: Receipt Paper

  • Thermal Paper Rolls: Through our exclusive partnership with, we can offer added savings to each location on thermal receipt paper rolls.
  • This is one more savings to help improve your bottom line!

LE$$ CHARGE looks forward to building long term relationships with their merchants. We take pride in providing our customers and partners with customized solutions along with a suite of products that offer the latest technology in the payments industry. For fast, knowledgeable and friendly service call 972.841.8423.

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